updated December 22, 2009
*1. Airplane Coaster, Rye Playland, NY (rp)
*2. Giant Safety Coaster, Brighton Beach, NY
*3. The Dip, Glen Island, NY
*4. Greyhound, Celeron Park, NY
*5. Thunderbolt, Coney Island, NY (aerial)
*6. Cyclone, Coney Island, NY (chrome)
*7. Bobs, (Tornado) Coney Island, NY
*8. Atom Smasher, Rockaway Bch, NY (chrome)
*9. Jack Rabbit, Rockaway Beach, NY
10. Flying Turns, Coney Island, NY
11. Wildcat, Lakeside Park, NY
12. The Zip, White City, MA
13. Coaster, Lincoln Park, MA (chrome)
14. Mt. Flyer, Mountain Park, MA (aerial)
15. Thunderbolt, Revere Beach, MA
16. Cyclone, Revere Beach, MA
17. Lightning, Revere Beach, MA
18. Derby Racer, Revere Beach, MA
19. Wildcat, Merrimac Park, MA
20. Wildcat, Rocky Point, RI (rp)
21. Scenic Railway, Newport Beach, RI
22. Comet, Crescent Park, RI
23. Thunderbolt, Savin Rock, CT
24. The Devil, Savin Rock, CT
25. Sky Blazer, Savin Rock, CT
26. Cyclone, Old Orchard Beach, ME
27. Deep Dipper, Carlin's Park, MD
28. Coaster Dips, Glen Echo Park, MD (rp)
29. Greyhound, Green Bay, WI
30. Hummingbird, Waukesha Beach, WI (rp)
31. Flyer Coaster, Hunt's Pier, NJ (chrome)
32. Greyhound, Island Park, NJ (rp)
33. Hummingbird, Riverview Beach, NJ
34. Loop the Loop, (1903) Atlantic City, NJ (rp)
35. Wild Mouse, Seaside Park, NJ (chrome)
36. Lake Placid Bobsled, Palisades Park, NJ (rp)
37. Cyclone, Palisades Park, NJ (chrome)
38. Wildcat, Bertrand Island, NJ (aerial, chrome)
39. Dips, State Fair Park, WVA (aerial)
40. Cyclone, Rock Springs Park, WVA
41. Wildcat, Lakeside Park, VA (chrome)
42. Dips, Buckroe Beach, VA (chrome)
43. Rocket, Ocean View Park, VA (chrome)
44. Tickler, Lakeside Park, CO
45. Mr. Twister, Elitch Gardens, CO (chrome)
46. Wild Mouse, Elitch Gardens, CO (chrome)
47. Wildcat, Pontchartrain Beach, LA
48. Zephyr, Pontchartrain Park, LA (aerial)
49. Comet, Forest Park Highlands, MO (chrome)
50. Coaster, Chain of Rocks, St Louis, MO (aerial)
51. Big Dipper, Springlake Park, OK
52. Comet, Port Arthur, TX (aerial)
53. Giant Roller Coaster, Corpus Christi, TX (rp)
54. Rocket, Casino Beach Park,TX (aerial)
55. Comet, State Fair Park, TX (aerial, chrome)
56. Tornado, Petticoat Junction, FL (chrome)
57. Roller Coaster, Jacksonville Beach, FL (rp)
58. Wild Mouse, Myrtle Beach, SC (chrome)
59. Cyclone, Excelsior Park, MN (chrome)
60. Dipper, Jantzen Beach, OR
61. Figure 8, Luna Park, WA (aerial, rp)
62. Jack Rabbit, Capital Beach, NB
63. Roller Coaster, Riverview Park, IA
64. Roller Coaster, Bayside Park, IA (rp)
65. Big Dipper, Chippewa Lake, OH (chrome)
66. Olentangy Park, Columbus, OH (rp, aerial)
67. Wildcat, Brady Lake Park, OH (rp, aerial)
68. Flying Turns, Euclid Beach, OH
69. Thriller, Euclid Beach, OH (chrome)
70. Derby Racer, Euclid Beach, OH (chrome)
71. Hummer, Craig Beach Park, OH
72. Devil's Backbone, Gordon State Park, OH
73. Wildcat, Idora Park, OH (chrome)
74. Wildcat & Clipper, Coney Island, OH (aerial)
75. Wildcat, Coney Island, OH (chrome)
76. Shooting Star, Coney Island, OH (chrome)
77. Skyrocket, Meyers Lake Park, OH (aerial)
78. Million Dollar Coaster, Moosic, PA (aerial)
79. Valley Volcano, Angela Park, PA (aerial, chrome)
80. Wildcat, Rocky Springs Park, PA
81. Giant Roller Coaster, Newton Lake, PA
82. Dips, West View Park, PA (rp)
83. Wildcat, Woodside Park, PA
84. Willow Grove Park, Willow Grove, PA (rp, aerial)
85. Chase Thru the Clouds, Willow Grove, PA
86. Scenic Railway, Shamokin, PA (rp)
87. Big Roller Coaster, Memorial Park, PA
88. Whirlwind Dipper, Santa Monica, CA (rp)
89. Grand Canyon Railway, Ocean Park, CA
90. Sea Serpent, Pacific Ocean Park, CA (chrome)
91. Race thru the Clouds, Venice, CA
92. Giant Dipper, Venice Pier, CA
93. Jack Rabbit Racer, Long Beach, CA
94. Cyclone Racer, Long Beach, CA (aerial, chrome)
95. Big Dipper, San Francisco, CA (rp)
96. Flying Dragon, Walled Lake, MI (rp, aerial)
97. Comet, Silver Beach, MI (chrome, air)
98. Thunderbolt, Jefferson Beach, MI (aerial)
99. Jack Rabbit, Wenona Beach, MI
100. Jack Rabbit, Hague Park, MI
101. Bobs, Riverview Park, IL (rp)
102. Racing Coaster, White City, IL
103. Cyclone, Crystal Beach, Ontario (rp)
104. Giant Dipper, Hastings Park, Vancouver, BC
105. Dips, Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada
106. Flyer, Sunnyside Beach, Toronto (chrome)
"chrome" postcards depict the shiny, real photo, color postcards that became popular in the 1950's.
"rp" stands for Real Photo black and white or tinted postcards.
"aerial" simply means this postcard view was taken from the air.
updated December 22, 2009
Some of my statistics were obtained from InCoasterPaedia as well as my personal collection of roller coaster related books.
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