How far is it from charlotte, north carolina to fayetteville, north carolina?

The total driving distance from Charlotte, NC to Fayetteville, NC is 132 miles or 212 kilometers. Your trip starts in Charlotte, North Carolina. It ends in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The distance between Charlotte and Fayetteville is 112 miles.

The road distance is 134.1 miles. Yes, the driving distance between Charlotte to Fayetteville is 134 miles. It takes approximately 2h 44m to drive from Charlotte to Fayetteville. The social distance requirement in Fayetteville is 2 meters.

If you’re looking for a meeting point or a good stop about ½ or halfway between Fayetteville and Charlotte, you could try Rockingham, NC, which is about 1½ hours west of Fayetteville or about 1½ hours east of Charlotte. About a quarter or a quarter of the way, you can stop in Raynham, NC. It’s almost an hour southwest of Fayetteville. About ⅓ or a third of the way, you can stop in Laurinburg, NC.

This is about 1 hour southwest of Fayetteville. About 2/3 or two thirds of the way, you can stop in Wade Mills, NC. This is almost 2 hours west of Fayetteville or around 1 hour east of Charlotte. About ¾ or three quarters of the way, you can stop in Polkton, NC.

This is around 2 hours west of Fayetteville or almost an hour east of Charlotte. The Cape Fear Botanical Garden (80 acres) is a nonprofit botanical garden located at 536 North Eastern Boulevard, Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Market House is an unusual combination of City Hall and City Market building in the heart of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina. Now let’s say you have a private jet and can fly between Fayetteville, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina on the fastest possible straight line.

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