What food is charlotte nc famous for?

Charlotte is home to plenty of restaurants that offer something for whatever food you want, whether you’re looking for healthy and delicious southern cuisine. The theme of the menu is located deep south and comes from the region. Alexander Michael’s, a popular tavern in the 4th district, has a real neighborhood flair. It’s in a lively neighborhood and attracts the young, hip crowd that drives so many of Charlotte’s restaurants.

All the cool kids in Charlotte are going to be there.

What foods is Charlotte NC famous for?

Since 1937, Krispy Kreme has sold doughnuts to shoppers at their retail stores and grocery stores across the South. Pimento cheese is a staple of southern cuisine, as companies such as Ruth Salads and Star Foods ramped up production in the early days of the dishes. From pimento cheese and fried chicken to cheerwine and moonshine cocktails, these are the things every visitor and local must try in Charlotte. The eye-catcher on the Fig Tree menu is the elk chop — 14 ounce double-cut elk chop with horseradish spaetzle, braised red cabbage with smoky bacon, and a classic Boursin-Dijon sauce.

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